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STD Testing Made Easy

We strive to offer affordable and convenient testing to the public in a constant effort to prevent the spread of HIV and STDs. Our goal is to educate people about the risks associated with unprotected sexual activity and the importance routine screenings play in prevention and treatment of HIV and STDs. Our counselors are the most knowledgeable and compassionate in the industry. We are devoted to making the testing process as easy and comfortable as possible. We understand your privacy is of the utmost importance and assure confidentiality for every one of our customers.


Privacy is among the most important benefits of private STD testing.-Getting tested through your doctor or at the state or county facility requires you to provide information that is personal and your testing will end up a part of your permanent medical record. When you get private STD testing through us, YOU and only YOU know the results of your test or even the fact that you were screened at all. Of course, if you would like to obtain an electronic copy of your testing to share with a partner, we're also happy to provide that to you.

Do I need to do anything specific before getting STD tested?-No. The only thing to keep in mind is to attempt to not use the bathroom one hour ahead of any tests that will require urine, such as when testing for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, or other bacterial infections.

Why should I choose confidential STD testing over seeing my family doctor?-Getting tested through your physician normally calls for three separate appointments: One to your doctor to be able to determine if they believe you should get tested, one to the laboratory to get the testing, and another visit back to your doctor to go over the results. By testing directly with us, you'll save cash and time. You can get tested today, and know your results as early as tomorrow!